Winter Fishing for Cobia in South Florida

When                                                                                                           Winter is a great time to go fishing in Florida, and if you're looking for some exciting action, cobia should be at the top of your list. This species is known for its size and strength, making them challenging and rewarding to catch. The World Record for Cobia is 135 pounds and fishing for Cobia from November - March in South Florida is excellent.

Where                                                                                                               Cobia are generally bottom feeders.  They will be found in waters 30-300 feet deep. Their preferred temperatures are waters that are 68-73 degrees. They will be found around structures, reefs, and wrecks where using bright jigs seems to produce the best results. They also follow predatory fish to take advantage of leftovers. Where there are sharks there should be Cobia and this is when using cut bait may produce the best results.  Whether it be cut or live bait, we are using 7/0 - 9/0 circle hooks.

Methods                                                                                                            Sight casting for Cobia is also an option.  Cobia are very curious fish and often come up to or near the surface to check out flotsam or boats or follow rays and sharks.  They are usually lazy doing opportunistic feeding when in this mode. We have found that the best results here are by casting bright jigs, 2 to 3 oz in size, to get some good distance over their cruising area. Jerking and changing retrieve speeds will trigger their aggressive feeding nature. Another option is to offer up live pilchards, eels, mullets, or croakers. You may not be able to cover as much water but live bait is always a good bet when fish are a gaff's length from your boat.  

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Gear                                                                                                                     Use quality gear that can handle the weight and strength of cobia. Be patient and persistent. Fishing for Cobia can take time, so don't get discouraged if you're not catching anything right away. Know the regulations for catching Cobia in your fishery and please make sure you have the appropriate fishing license and follow the size and bag limits.

Taste                                                                                                                     As a food source, Cobia has a fresh, clean, and buttery flavor. Its texture is firm (similar to swordfish) but has levels of fat content. Cobia's flavor and moist texture make it hard to overcook, which is why a wide variety of recipes can be used.

Tight Lines and Happy Fishing!