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Gulfstream Lures: Past, Present, and Future


Gulfstream Lures has been hand tying high quality Saltwater Jigs since the 1980’s. Originally known as Atlantic Lures, Gulfstream Lures came to the market in 1985 with the Red Tail Hawk. Primarily made for targeting giant Snook near bridges and passes the Red Tail Hawk, which we still manufacture today, was a game changer for Snook Fisherman along the South East and Central East coast of Florida. Fast forward nearly 40 years later and we are now manufacturing over 30 custom style lures and jigs and have cemented place in Saltwater fisheries throughout Florida.

The road to success hasn’t always been easy. After experiencing financial troubles during the crash of 2008 Gulfstream Lures came into new ownership under the leadership of David Ehlers and Phyllis Humphries. Together Dave, Phyllis, and their dedicated team took Gulfstream Lures to new heights becoming known as Florida’s Premier Fishing Tackle Distributor. As the distribution business grew so did Gulfstream Lures. During this time the Pro Flair Hawk, High Jinx, and Pro Skimmer Jig were born just to name a few.

After years of continued Growth and Success Gulfstream Lures again came into new ownership in 2022 when Corey Pagano, owner and operator of Tackle Crafters, acquired the brand. Tackle Crafters has been a longtime supporter of Gulfstream Distribution, and the acquisition was a logical change for the growing Companies.

Today Corey along with his brother Chris Pagano are continuing the Gulfstream Lures legacy in quality, design, and innovation. “Our goal is to create the best saltwater jigs on the market while expanding the Gulfstream line with creative and innovative solutions for serious anglers.” – Corey Pagano